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Very active in the South American experimental scene since 1995. The sublime and the uncertainty are present in his actions. He is mostly interested in the exploration of life and its acoustics to create immersive live experiences, experimental songs and des-compositions, hacking the human perception of space-time as a form of civil disobedience and social auto-reorganization. He is founder and member of the independent label and association Aloardi (since 1998)




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30.05.2017 @ MIR – Rotterdam Concert

Entrance: €5 Place: MIR – Hillevliet 98, Róterdam Time 20Hs This event is organized by MIR and Aloardi Poster by Bobby Peru FB event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1392592317429994/ From the ashes of Moscow’s underground, Awott came into being from a series of unskilled instruments and sound manipulations. The first recording went down in the home studio of Moscow’s […]

New Release :::: Chrs Galarreta – Raw Field Recordings II : Electromagnetic Detritus

Raw Field Recordings II : Electromagnetic Detritus by Chrs Galarreta “When we accept necessities generated by the technological progress and its commercialization, we are reasserting our mutant condition as urban beings. For example, we live surrounded by imperceptible electromagnetic fields coming from our communication technologies. We accept them as normal in our daily life, despite […]

Aurora, Krapoola & Sajjra @ Circuito Undercaos : Espectros – Lima 11-02-2017

ALOARDI presente en Festival Espectros con AURORA, KRAPOOOLA y SAJJRA quienes participan gracias a ARISTAS EN RESISTENCIA – programa de residencias Artisticas de ALOARDI . Más información aquí: https://www.facebook.com/events/1891305817768265/

Aurora, Krapoola & Sajjra @ sound Art Festival Pacifico – Lima 02-2017

 ALOARDI presente en Festival Espectros con AURORA, KRAPOOOLA y SAJJRA quienes participan gracias a ARISTAS EN RESISTENCIA – programa de residencias Artisticas de ALOARDI . Más información aquí:  http://seqes.org/cronogramapacifico17/

Aloardi artist-in-residence / arista-en-resistencia January – March 2017 : Krapoola (SP)

Aloardi se complace en recibir a nuestro hermano David Krapooola de España. El estara como arista resistente (artista residente) de este verano en nuestro bunker en el Rico Rimac!!!. David Krapoola se in-define así: “ Soy un domador. Exploro la forma en que los materiales interactuan cuando el estropicio sucede. El ruido es uno de […]

Concerts, “Aloardi Black Sheep Tour” ,02 – 24 June

ALOARDI INTERNATIONAL ORCHESTRA with Gabriel Castillo (PE) Muozik (PL) Aurora (NL) Krapoola (SP) Sajjra (PE) ­ Dates 02 Paris @ Kim’s Bar 10 Rotterdam 15 Berlin 16 Warsaw @ Turkusowy Domek 17 Vilnius @ Yucatan Bar Extension 18 Kaliningrad 19 Warsaw 20 Berlin 24 Rotterdam (Aloardi Procession) @ Mirta Demare Art Gallery After Party with […]

Aloardi, Tica and Sajjra T-Shirts

Order by e-mail: aloardilabel@gmail.com Thanks to Mariceci Galarreta Pando for the pictures, to Juan Carlos Absi for the silkscreen work and to Bobby Peru for the design ; )

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Aloardi release night (Villa K, The Hague, NL)

                                ALOARDI RELEASE NIGHT OF SAJJRA – ‘THE SUN REMAINS THE SAME’ with special guests EVENING PROGRAM (Facebook event link) Sajjra (PE/NL) Sajjra is the song project of Chrs Galarreta (guitar, effects, voice, sampler, and sequences). Peruvian contemporary non-musician and […]

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New Release: Sajjra – The Sun Remains The Same (2015)

Ṣ̵̶À͜J͞J̢̡R̵͏A – Th̴e͏ ̕S̴un҉ R̛em͢a҉in͏s̸ ͠T̢h͘e̶ S̀am͏e (2015) NEW RELEASE of Sajjra on 12 Inch vinyl (180 gram). Limited edition of 320 copies, signed by the artist. Golden cover in black cardboard, designed by Sajjra and silkscreened by Lillia Scheerder in Daglicht (Eindhoven, NL). Published through a collective effort of the three labels Fougere Musique […]

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Texte ‘Histoire de Fil’ & textil: Maylis DT & Janneke van der Putten

In this text below (written in French) Maylis DT reflects on a textile initiated by Janneke van der Putten, made together with Ketty Rodriguez Venancino and Zaida Venancino Rojas, crafted in the traditional textile tradition of the Shipibos, living in the Peruvian jungle. This textile is made after a drawing Janneke made during her stay […]

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Fundado en el año 1998, Aloardi inicia sus acciones como uno de los primeros sellos y colectivos independientes en difundir y producir música experimental, arte medial, intervenciones sonoras e investigaciones acústicas en Sur y Centro America. Apoyamos y generamos colaboraciones entre diferentes individuos, grupos autogestionados e instituciones a nivel local, nacional e internacional. Organizando eventos y exhibiciones transdisciplinarias, compartimos conocimiento sobre recursos (no) tecnológicos, trabajo sostenible e intercambio entre comunidades locales. Ubicado en Lima, desde el 2004 nuestro local funciona como mediateca y sirve para la realización de encuentros, talleres, laboratorios de investigación, programas de residencias, producciones audiovisuales y transmisiones de radio por Internet. Puedes encontrar en este sitio web información sobre nuestra actividad reciente; para conocer mas de nuestra actividad pasada, puedes visitar nuestro antiguo sitio web.

Founded in Peru in 1998, Aloardi started as one of the first labels and independent platforms in South and Central America diffusing and producing experimental music, media art, sound related interventions and alternative acoustic research. We support and generate collaborations between people with self-managed associations and institutions on local, national and international level. We organize events and transdisciplinary exhibitions, initiate actions and share knowledge: the association is engaged in approaches towards (non)technological resources, sustainable work and exchange with local communities. Based in Lima, our space serves since 2004 as venue for meetings, workshops, research laboratories, a residency program, audiovisual productions, internet radio broadcasts and a mediatheque. Recent news about the Aloardi activities can be found on this website; to see more, you can visit our old website here.