ALOARDI event, Friday 14 Setember 2018 (Concert @ Varia, Rotterdam)

Septiembre 16th, 2018  |  Published in Ahora, Conciertos, Novedades


Address: Gouwstraat 3, 3082 BA Rotterdam
Hour: 20Hs30
Donation: 3 to ∞ euros


CRIMSON BUTTERFLY (Russia) is an experimental electronic duo from Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia. For 10 years of activity, the band has created a rich and eclectic catalogue of releases and gained local cult following for its sonically and visually intense live concerts full of improvisation. Crimsons are known for stylistic variation of gigs and releases from rough dance themes and multi-layered glitches to raw and meditative drone ambient.

ST. FRACTALIUM (Russia) is an audio-visual duo from Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia, residents of local cult place Black Ho. Inspired by bands like Autechre and Coil, and having impressive experience in various musical projects, the guys bring the light of Saint Fractalium, an enlightening nectar for those are tired of conventional music, using only computers and controllers.

EVAMUSS (Peru/The Netherlands) was a project of the Peruvian Chrs Galarreta (aka: Sajjra, DiosMeHaViolado, Tica, among others alias). This project was very active in the underground Lima scene between 1997-2003. Evamuss have 9 solo albums published on very limited editions, also appears in a lot of collaborations and compilations of that period. At the beginning Evamuss used home made amps, oscillators, pedal effects and toy keywords , last years it will include the misuse of computer and the pirate software. Error and non-functionality were welcome in its process. On November 2017, Evamuss resurrects with a pair of self-hacked synth toys, some effects, hand made sequencers furbished in collaboration with some hackers in Paruro (the legendary electronic black market’s in Lima City). In the current days its sounds mutated towards a warm and humid analog jungle. Its recent – 2018- assaults included tours between Portugal, Spain, Lithuania, Russia, The Netherlands and a publication of a release in Favela Discos (Porto).



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