Aloardi EVENT – ‘Raymi 2’, 21 October 2017 (galerie Gallery, Dordselaan 27e, Rotterdam)

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Performance, video art, & exhibition by Felipe del Aguila

Location: galerie Gallery, Dordtselaan 27e, Rotterdam
19:30 – 22:00 | free entrance
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RAYMI is a collaborative project by Wilder Gonzales Agreda (musician and label owner of SuperSpace Records) and Felipe del Águila (visual artist and cultural manager) developed through the Aloardi artist-in-residency at ‘Residency …at the Waterfront’, and part of the Aloardi Exchange Programme 2017.

The RAYMI events are spaces of creation, presentation and amusement, enabling the exchange of experiences with the community of Rotterdam. They are also moments where the work of local artists and of Peruvian artists is introduced to the public, and in this way, they are moments that generate future collaborations.


Del Aguila is a visual artist and cultural manager with a background as photographer, graphic designer and web programmer. Graduated from the Escuela Nacional Superior Autónoma de Bellas Artes del Perú – Visual Arts, Universidad ESAN – Marketing and Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú – Management, Del Aguila is currently running his communication studio, AIRE COMMUNICACIONES, aside of his function as Head of Communication at the MAC – Museum of Contemporary Art (Lima). Since the mid-90’s he has been designing independent publications in the alternative circuit with the publication studio Contenidos Mutantes. He was also collaborating with various activist collectives. In 2001 he joined the Aloardi collective and remained one of its core members until 2009.

Felipe del Aguila’s artistic work often seeks a balance between art and activism. He will immerse himself within the context of Rotterdam, in order to understand and ‘hack’ the local dynamic. He mainly works with performative interventions in the urban public space, collecting found materials and trash, using language and text within a social-critical approach. Growing up in the Piñonate district in Lima, located close to busy street markets, Felipe got inspired by the constant appropriation of public space within Peruvian cities in relation to street commerce – something that is practiced in Peru mostly by people with lower incomes.

Photos by Felipe del Aguila, impression video installation at galerie Gallery.


galerie Gallery started in 2009 as a place to offer fellow artists an opportunity to develop new work in the domestic and welcoming location of an unused room in Jan Huijben’s Rotterdam South apartment. galerie Gallery’s low profile allows for artists to experiment with new media and new ways of presenting their work. Over the years they’ve been host to a range of international artists who have all used and filled the small space in their own unique ways, sometimes expanding the exhibition space to the rest of the apartment, the beautiful communal back garden, or the busy Dordtselaan.

Aloardi is one of the first independent labels / platforms in South and Central America. Starting in 1998, Aloardi began diffusing and producing experimental music, audiovisual art, sound related interventions, internet radio broadcasts and alternative acoustic research. Aloardi’s headquarters in Lima serves as venue for workshops, a residency programme, and a mediatheque.

The Aloardi Exchange Programme 2017 is organized by Aloardi and Idraola. Made with the support of WORM, CBK Rotterdam (Centre for Visual Arts Rotterdam) and City of Rotterdam. Poster design by Felipe del Aguila. Thanks to ‘Residency … at the Waterfront – International Residency Program: State of the City#3 Rotterdam’ and galerie Gallery.

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