New Release :::: Chrs Galarreta – Raw Field Recordings II : Electromagnetic Detritus

Mayo 2nd, 2017  |  Published in Ahora, CDRs / DVDRs / LPs / Cassettes, Christian Galarreta, Novedades, Tienda / Shop

“When we accept necessities generated by the technological progress and its commercialization, we are reasserting our mutant condition as urban beings. For example, we live surrounded by imperceptible electromagnetic fields coming from our communication technologies. We accept them as normal in our daily life, despite the consequences they generate on our physiologies. This electrosmog can be seen as pollution from our modern societies. Recycling this invisible waste to induce a sound experience, is an acoustic sample of the physiological self-destruction and dependence inherent to the technological production and the human creativity.” (Chrs. Galarreta, Mexico D.F. – 2008)
CD cover image: “antena dynamited in Huacho” original photo by Carlos del Rosario (El Comercio newspaper archive 09/10/1981), photo intervened by Bobby Peru. Graphic design by Bobby Peru & Stanley Coll. Cover with silkscreened transparent paper. Print & varnished CDr wrapped with aluminium foil. Limited edition of 100 copies! Published by Aloardi (Alo066). Play it loud!
These are mono field recordings that Galarreta took during his different research projects, workshops, sound-walks and site-specific performances in the past fourteen years. They are selections of raw material with little equalization, fades and without overdubs nor effects. To record the electrosmog he used hand-made electromagnetic transducers. Their different types and their positions, as well as the spatial conditions, influenced the acoustic dynamics and saturations of these sounds. Just the Track 08 come from a stereo recording of one of his live performances, sensing and amplifying electromagnetic and mechanical behaviors from different electronic waste. This performance was recorded and mastered by Anton Mobin.
This release was presented as a radio piece in documenta 14 (Athens – Kassel 2017) as part of the project Every Time A Ear di Soun, a documenta 14 Radio Program.
LInk to the documenta 14 radio project:

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