WOOL Processing workshop in Romania 5 – 9 May 2016

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WOOL Processing workshop in Romania, 5 – 10 May 2016

‘Wool Processing at ODAIA WORKSHOP’ is a five-day trip to the Romanian mountains, with the aim to revitalise the forgotten local traditions (such as wood working or wool processing). Collective Aloardi is invited to join this project by APTNV ROMANIA (Asociatia Pro-Turism Nedeea Valceana), Brezoi & Odaia area, Romania in collaboration with Erasmus+ and myvillages.

The meaning of the name: APTNV (Asociatia Pro-Turism Nedeea Valceana)
”Nedeea ”means both a traditional mountain meeting and a meadow/ opening in the mountain
top.”The meadow from the top of the mountain in Valcea County” is a local organization created in 2001 and focusing on the tourist aspects over the traditional preservation on the Romanian mountain area.

What are we doing?
Nedeea’s main aim is to revitalise the forgotten local traditions (such as wood working or wool processing) in a tourist manner that can help the local community. In 2011, a pilot project started- focusing on re-building local traditions around the concept of Odaia. Odaia = small house (wood and stone) + cultivated plot + place for grass and hay, with trees for fruits +animals +and stable/barn. An Odaia is located about 10 kilometres from the city, being isolated in the mountains. We built a new Cdaia using old local techniques as an example of good practice.

What the workshop will be about?
Our theme for the May workshop is Wool Processing and Traditional Wood Tiles. We will walk-through on all the steps of the wool processing activity, from the live sheeps sheering to weaving carpets and clothing items or building insulation. We will have live demonstrations, experts explanations and museum guided tour. The participants will learn what ”sita” (traditional wood tiles) means, how is made and how to use it. A 5 days workshop for both local participants and guests from all the Erasmus+ Partners focused on mutual learning and experience sharing.

The workshop is part of the program of Myvillages and project ‘Eco Nomadic School’, since 2009 a learning school with the aim of sharing rural-urban knowledge. Thanks to Theodor TEIOSANU and Wapke Feenstra. This activity is included in the Aloardi Exchange Program 2016 in Europe.

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