New Release: Sajjra – The Sun Remains The Same (2015)

Noviembre 12th, 2015  |  Published in Ahora

Ṣ̵̶À͜J͞J̢̡R̵͏A – Th̴e͏ ̕S̴un҉ R̛em͢a҉in͏s̸ ͠T̢h͘e̶ S̀am͏e (2015)

Sajjra in The Hague by Simon

NEW RELEASE of Sajjra on 12 Inch vinyl (180 gram). Limited edition of 320 copies, signed by the artist. Golden cover in black cardboard, designed by Sajjra and silkscreened by Lillia Scheerder in Daglicht (Eindhoven, NL). Published through a collective effort of the three labels Fougere Musique (FR), Urbanoide Records (PE) and Aloardi (PE/NL). Listen and see samples of the vinyl in this link

The 4 tracks of this release go from apocalyptic noise-songs with drops of tropical rhythms to ethereal oceanic and industrial compositions. The last track ‘The Sound Remains The Same’ is an extreme trip into resonances and atmospheres of live processed guitar. Through the extreme use of an apparent monotony, Sajjra generates a continuous sound-space with a timeless effect. The physical quality of the sound will reach outside the loudspeakers, breaking down the turntable. The record is influenced by behaviors of the North Sea along the Dutch coast: an intense landscape of slow monotonous changes or constantly moving storms. Produced in The Hague (The Netherlands) in 2014, after long beach-walks. Some of the songs were already composed (but never recorded) in the beginning of the 90’s, with acoustic guitar and voice only.

Sajjra’s sound has the atmosphere of the slow and heavy Andean processions, keeping the spirit of their traditional music ensembles. But Sajjra also expresses the industrial feelings, that gives his birth-town Lima. Through this mix of influences, Sajjra developed his style and keeps it shining, from his first album (2013) to the beating in ‘The Sun Remains The Same’.

Release Concert: 25.11.2015, Villa K, The Hague, NL

Labels Links:

Urbanoide Records:
Fougère Musique:

Distribution in Rotterdam:

Demon Fuzz Records:
De Plaatboef:

Tour in France: 26 Nov. – 12 Dec. 2015:

25/11 The Hague
26/11 Lille
28/11 La Villedieu (Presentation with Fougere Musique label)
30/11 Clermont-Ferrand
02/12 Lyon
04/12 Nice
05/12 Marseille
06/12 Marseille
08/12 Toulouse
09/12 Bayonne
10/12 Bordeaux (tbc)
11/12 Nantes
12/12 Rennes
13/12 Paris
14/12 Lille
15/12 Bruselles


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