Aloardi concert ‘Jump into the Mouth of the Wolf ‘: EHS / Dave Phillips /Anemone Tube (Villa K, The Hague, NL)

Marzo 28th, 2015  |  Published in Ahora, Conciertos

Concert 28 March 2015
VillaK, Violenweg 2, The Hague, NL
concert starts 8:30 pm

Aloardi presents:

Born in Merida, Venezuela in 1972. Plastic Artist, expert hunter mosquitoes and wingedscorpions, cook and collector of stamps. Microbio Records founder (one of the first netlabels south america), Biodata netlabel, Cuchara y Angustia. He has published most of his sound work in internet under various pseudonyms as FLN, Cho and The Martirs Like Eric and Dylan, Niopo Poreri, among others. He has released on labels like MP3death, Series Media, Sudamericaelectronica, AMP rec, Espais Netlab, Plataforma Records. Ideologist of South America Electronica projects (first meeting online electronic music), Radio Microbio, SUR Radio, Radio Rakumin.


Sonic activist, composer, performer, researcher, born 1969 in Switzerland, based in Zürich. solo-works as dave phillips/dp since 1987. part of SCHIMPFLUCH-GRUPPE (with Rudolf & Gurgelstock, Marc Zeier/G*Park, Joke Lanz/Sudden Infant etc.) since 1991. founder of OHNE in 2000 (with Tom Smith, Daniel Löwenbrück, Reto Mäder). co-founder of hardcore-extremists FEAR OF GOD in 1986. oneman-doom-project dead peni since 2004.

The Field Rrcordings set uses raw and untreated recordings made in natural habitats in thailand, vietnam, indonesia, ecuador and switzerland, of insects, amphibians, mammals, weather and other natural, non-human phenomena. individual tracks are layered and mixed into a composition. no effects or manipulations of the sound sources are applied. this set evokes a force of nature and addresses the importance of the insect world for human existence in the form of an accompanying text on a leaflet distributed in the audience at the end of the set.


Anemone Tube was founded 1996 in South-Germany; since 2010 based in Berlin. The audioworks of Anemone Tube are a unique blend of dark ambient, noise, industrial and soundart with a strong psychogenic impact. The use of constantly shifting and altering sounds and moods is possibly one of the most intruiging things about the audio creations of Anemone Tube.

Under the heading “Anthropocene (The Dark Abyss of Time)“, Anemone Tube explores the (unconscious) collective forces of humanity and its relation to (its) nature. With ritualistic chants, archaic rhythmic sounds and infernal abrasive noise, based on field-recordings made in China and Japan, and imagery of consumption-oriented modern society confronting with ancient mythological worlds, Anemone Tube transcends our worldly, material universe into an apocalyptic vision. A place of longing or a suicidal fantasy? In the search of itself mankind seems to find its real determination either in self-destruction or in a revival to a new life, detached from the varnish of civilisation, subordinate to nature and one with god.


Aloardi event 28 03 2015

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