Text & drawings ‘CHEZ LES PAHOYAN PAOCACHA’: Maylis DT & Mathieu Semman

Febrero 8th, 2015  |  Published in Ahora, Maylis Diot, Novedades, Residencias, Yogi Data / N’alov

During the Aloardi Research Trip to the jungle in January 2015, Maylis DT and Mathieu Semman collaborated on a series of drawings and a text (written in French), entitled ‘CARNET DE VOYAGE: CHEZ LES PAHOYAN PAOCACHA’. You can download it on this link (pdf).

Text: Maylis DT
Drawings: Mathieu Semman (aka Yogi Data)


” (…) Et cependant c’est la forêt tropicale,
suffit de voir son faste, sa noce, son allure de muqueuse”
Ecuador, Henri Michaux

Ucayali river


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