Alonet 017 / Alo 049 Seguridad Urbana – Hybrid Frequency

Noviembre 28th, 2009  |  Published in Downloads, Novedades, Publicaciones

KORG DS-10 for Nintendo DS and intro recordings

In this album, I try to express my feelings towards the security in the busses in Bogota, Colombia (my native country).
It is also a protest against the politicians that are not doing anything to overcome this challenge in the city.
People in the recording are talking about the way they have been mugged in the buses and how they feel about it. Threatening and mugging passengers at knifepoint, muggers want to steal cellphones and personal belongings. Police tries to do the best , but it is not enough. This situation goes beyond only this and more to the social and political situation in Colombia.

A series of interviews with citizens of Bogota in Colombia are part of the intros in each track.
These are mere explanations about some muggings that have been happening in the mass transportation system of the city (buses).
The artist pretends to portray one face of the daily situations people have to face when commuting to work or home: Muggings at knife point, cell phones and personal belongings are snatched while traveling in the buses.
We the citizens of Bogota want the government to take action to this problem.


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